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Update on Day Night Autocross 5 March 2022 Featured

Hi to all our keen racers. Many areas of Ipswich, Brisbane, North Coast and South Coast have sustained major flood damage over the last 4 days.  The Amberly/Willowbank precinct received over 570mm of rain over these 4 days.  We have not been able to get out to the track to inspect it yet, but we believe that the track will have sustained significant damage. The infield will also be very, very wet and no doubt full of ducks.  It will take many days for it to dry out before we can undertake any repair work, and unfortunately more showers and rain are forecast for the end of this week.

Hence, the IWMAC committee have made the hard but correct decision to postpone our planned Day Night Autocross for the 5 March 2022 to a date yet to be advised.

Please stay safe everyone.

Regards Greg Woodbridge